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Feb 26, 2022

There’s got to be a morning after… and here it is! -

For mature audiences only, listener discretion advised.

Content Warnings:

Talk of Death, Manipulation, Stalking, Drugging, Coarse Language, Overt Sexual Interactions, Sexual Situations, Talk of Abuse, Threats, Threats of Violence, Gaslighting, Violence.


Al - Faraday Roke, Narrator - Kiarra Osakue, Samson - Z Reklaw, Mia - Erin M. Banta, J - Joseph Rathorn, Crux - John Peacock, Sedum - Marcus Cannello, Valen - Samantha Weiler, William - Jonathan Hallowell, Becker - Cory Moosman, Fergum - Joseph Rathorn, Leah - M. Kate McCulloch, Hastings - AJ Carter, Joan - Megan Brown, Harold - Chef Goldblum.


Script Editor, Jacque Reiman. Assistant Director and Script Editor, Joseph Rothorn. Guest Scene Director, Jacque Reiman. Written, Directed, and Edited by Faraday Roke. Harbor is a production of Tartarus Jenny Studios. 

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Opening Music: Five Tribes by Hunter Quinn. Playout Music: Morning Mist by Staffan Carlan. 

Thanks to Epidemic Sound.